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Inspiring & empowering Generation Z for success!

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Sisyfly has long helped Generation Z prepare for college.  Now, Sisyfly is bringing Generation Z to work! We will replace misconceptions about this talented and unique generation.  These digital natives are ready to make an unprecedented impact.  




Ken Mercer

  • High School Counselor for 22 years

  • Academic Tutor since 1996

  • Private College Planning Counselor since 2001

  • August 2010 HOME Magazine Excellence in Education Award

  • Gainesville Sun’s Readers’ Choice Awards – 2016 Best Tutor/Teacher

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Mike Testa

  • High School Assistant Principal and Teacher for 15 years

  • Academic Tutor since 2000

  • Private College Planning Counselor since 2012

  • Alachua County Teacher of the Year in 2011 

  • NSHSS Award - 2015 Outstanding Administrator 

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Why are we called SISYFLY? (Sis-a-Fly)

Inspire and Empower. Destroy any barrier. Sisyphus, the Ancient Greek mythological figure, is our inspiration. Sisyphus was a Greek King who utilized his determination, cunning and wit in order to outthink “the gods.” Ultimately, he was captured and sentenced to an eternity of pushing a boulder up a mountain. The “Gods” punished him for possessing an undying spirit and brilliant mind.  


In our logo, the person represents YOU.  The boulder represents any and all obstacles.  We refuse our 'pre-determined' fate of going back down the mountain.  Our persistence leads to cracks in that boulder.  We wish to help our family (YOU!) break through and SISYFLY.