With over 30 combined years of assessment preparation experience, Ken Mercer and Mike Testa help students maximize their test score.  Ken and Mike seek to build an environment where the student feels empowered – this is the key in helping students achieve their ultimate score goal.


We seek to guide students and families from the college search to

the college decision.  This includes curriculum/activity advisement,

SAT/ACT/Subject Area Test Prep, assistance with application essays

and personal statements, and consultation regarding financial aid

and scholarship opportunities.



Sisyfly is bringing Generation Z to work.  We provide consultation services

to help prepare the workplace for the Z’ers, provide training on how Generation Z differs from Millenials, and advise on how to recruit/retain top Gen Z talent.  We understand the unique challenges this generation faces and support maximizing cohesiveness within a multigenerational workplace.



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Sisyfly has long helped Generation Z prepare for college.  Now, Sisyfly is bringing Generation Z to work! We will replace misconceptions about this talented and unique generation.  These digital natives are ready to make an unprecedented impact.  



Activity Advisement
  • Selection of high school program

  • Annual Curriculum review

  • Advisement on pairing extracurricular activity students’ interests

  • Exploration of potential programs of study in college  

  • Creating timeline for taking PSAT/Pre ACT/SAT/ACT/Subject Area Tests

  • Providing class-based, small group or individual instruction and test preparation strategies   

College Application List
  • Provide consultation on colleges that may provide the best academic/environmental fit based on student's interests and personality

  • Planning college visits

  • Navigating the application options (Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision)   

Advisement on Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Exploration of how Financial Aid and Scholarships vary from school to school

  • Assistance with identifying scholarships and completing the necessary financial aid forms (FAFSA and CSS Profile)

  • Understanding that the primary scholarship application is an elite test score

Generation Z Advisement

  • Educating older generations about what makes Generation Z unique

  • Prepare the workplace environment to best maximize the many talents of Gen Z

  • Description of the unique challenges this Generation will bring to the workplace 

Colleges Our Students Have Attended

“Mike Testa is one part motivational speaker, one part therapist and one part academic advisor/tutor. He gives strategies that serve to target specific areas of improvement for increasing your scores on the ACT. He’s so good at analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, then making the adjustments to your test taking. Not only did he help me to improve my scores in every single area of the ACT, but he also helped me reach my goal of achieving the 100% bright future scholarship.” ”

- Shelbi Cooper, Bell High School Class of 2021

Who We Are

Ken Mercer

  • High School Counselor for 22 years

  • Academic Tutor since 1996

  • Private College Planning Counselor since 2001

  • August 2010 HOME Magazine Excellence in Education Award

  • Gainesville Sun’s Readers’ Choice Awards – 2016 Best Tutor/Teacher

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Mike Testa

  • High School Assistant Principal and Teacher for 15 years

  • Academic Tutor since 2000

  • Private College Planning Counselor since 2012

  • Alachua County Teacher of the Year in 2011 

  • NSHSS Award - 2015 Outstanding Administrator 

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Why are we called SISYFLY? (Sis-a-Fly)

Inspire and Empower. Destroy any barrier. Sisyphus, the Ancient Greek mythological figure, is our inspiration. Sisyphus was a Greek King who utilized his determination, cunning and wit in order to outthink “the gods.” Ultimately, he was captured and sentenced to an eternity of pushing a boulder up a mountain. The “Gods” punished him for possessing an undying spirit and brilliant mind.  


In our logo, the person represents YOU.  The boulder represents any and all obstacles.  We refuse our 'pre-determined' fate of going back down the mountain.  Our persistence leads to cracks in that boulder.  We wish to help our family (YOU!) break through and SISYFLY.

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Tel. 352-339-0433

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